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Saturday, 7 May 2011

~:: 'AV it, you slaaaaag ::~

(now there's a headline the Sun will be gutted they didn't think of :-p )

Part 1: wednesday night waffle

Hiya. I hope you haven't been waiting long. I just got a bit, well, caught up with things.

I am lying in bed, with over 2 nights worth of sleeplessness boring into my very core, whilst battling with the stark realisation that if I want to do my civic duty tomorrow, I need to be out the house before 7am. For tomorrow is the vote for the right for votes to be counted right night (or day if you wish to be more abstract in your poetic structural form....and accurate). I know this is important and that if I don't go, I don't earn the right to voice an opinion about political decisions in the future, but.... I really need some sleep.

Sleep has managed to elude me for the past few nights. Maybe it's the pressures of my job, maybe it's the obscene amount of chocolate I accidentally consumed before remembering that chocolate is full of caffeine, sugar and regret... Who knows. All I know right now is my "Bubbliness",
( which I can only assume is the envy of skinnyminnies everywhere as I have not once heard a chickstick describe herself as "bubbly" (look... Being bubbly is fun, and fun things make me smile, and smiling burns more calories, ok? Ask anyone)) <--- (hehe that looks like a double chin!....erm....anwho..)
, has become a lot less bubble and much more bitch. I am a complete nightmare to be around right now. I'm kinda wishing the BFG was real so he could lock me away with all the other bad dreams until i learn my lesson.


Part 2: Saturday morning remorse

Today is now Saturday. I wrote the above on Wednesday night, back when I still believed this country gave a damn about fairness and innovative ways to achieve it.

I have seen the result of the av and I am completely shocked that only a third of voters wanted to see their votes count for something. Even Brighton, the first elected green seat in national elections, voted No. It's painfully ironic though, as I believe there were only 450ish votes in it. This is where your vote counted to make future votes count. I am tired of my vote being worth nothing based on the fact I live in a blue zone.

This is the nail in the coffin for liberal representation in the current political decision making process. I am strongly opposed to the lib dem u-turn on education but the coalition means there is an additional level of discussions that needs to be entered into before the tories can legally "get their laaaaw, ov'a our countr'e" (see edl march anthem on YouTube to appreciate reference)

This political kick in the face for a liberal (fair and correct) way of counting votes has weakened the UK's faith in what the lib dem side of the government can achieve. This is a bad thing, and worries me. I can't currently see how the lib dems can recover from this.

It is looking very much like the blues have won the battle and the war.

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